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Have you ever thought about why you buy a particular brand of soap or toothpaste from the supermarket? 

What made you select that particular brand from the other brands available on the supermarket shelf? 

Have you ever thought about what makes you loyal towards a brand? 

It's because of the MARKETING of that brand that convinces you to buy it and be loyal to it.

Knowingly or unknowingly we are always surrounded by Marketing activities

Every act to sell a product is a marketing activity. Be it direct or indirect. An effective marketing activity about the brand and its product can leave a lasting impression on our minds.

Marketing has been deep rooted in our society and is used by mankind from the dawn of civilization, consciously or subconsciously. 

In this article, you will understand the basic fundamentals and laws of Marketing and some associated attributes to make Marketing more effective. By the end of this article you would have a fair idea about Marketing and how to make it more effective with a few more basic skills.

Everyone has financial needs and aspirations. And to fulfill any aspiration and financial needs, we need to set financial goals and make a roadmap of how to reach that goal. Once the idea is conceptualised, you can then put the idea in shape and make it successful using effective integrated marketing.

Everyone is good at a particular skill or art in which he would be above the normal average person. This would become his Niche. It is something you would be deeply interested in and would follow it passionately and which has a market for it.

You discover your Niche and develop it. You then hone the skills and master it through courses and various means. 

Niche selection is on paramount importance as the whole brand is build around the niche

A proper niche selection is what would make the difference between success and failure.

Once you have mastered the Niche, you have to put it in practice to thoroughly learn as it is very rightly said by ( Digital ) Deepak Kanaraju  ( ) that doing is 100X learning. You become a Master at your Niche once you put it in practise. 

The stage is now set for you to market your Niche. 

And this is where Marketing would become the means to drive you to your goals.

 If you have discovered your Niche and have mastered it, but do not know how to market it is like owning a BMW and not knowing how to drive it. 

Through Marketing, you would be able to position your Niche in the market with the target audience and use the CATT Marketing Funnel (learn more about it from ) and accordingly make your blueprint to achieve that financial goal you have set. 

Marketing is a skill which onced acquired and mastered, will keep you in business for life. If you know to Market and sell, you can always exist in the Market and can remain at the top of your Niche category.

Understanding the Laws of Marketing :

The seed of Marketing is the idea of a product which is the result of understanding the need of the customer and then providing a solution to it in the best possible way which meets the customers expectations and fulfills the need.

As quoted by A Marketing Pioneer  - Don'’t search for customers for your product. Search a product for your customers. 

When you give the customers what they need, you can make the product a success as it's a ready feed for the hungry market. With the right kind of Marketing and giving the right message, to the right people and at the right time, you can make the product climb the ladder of success with ease.

In Marketing, the customer is regarded as the King as the epicentre of any or all the Marketing activities is the Customer. And the King needs to be treated like a King with all royalty. Well, not literally. 

Marketing is NOT about making a sale and having a single sale relationship with the customer. Marketing is beyond the sale. It is to make it a lifetime relationship with the customers with regular communications. A regular communication and interaction with customers makes the customer feel valued for buying your product and this would make him loyal to the brand for life. 

Marketing is more a Total Experience than just making a sale.

Trust is the foundation of any relationship and it also applies to the relationship between the brand and its customer. 

The customer buys the product after experiencing a marketing activity. The communication made through the marketing activity builds a trust with the customer.

The purchase is an indication of the trust the customer has put in the product. 

The most important pillar of a Brand Building Marketing activity is to build Trust with the customers.

And even more important is to maintain the Trust. 

Good marketing is all about good communication.

It's only through content that you can communicate with the audience and convince them about your product. Once they are convinced and have bought the product, they have put their faith in it and it's very important that this faith is always maintained. It's the skill of use of words and communication that convinces the target audience and gives them the confidence to purchase the product.

A good product will surely taste success by selling itself. But a bad product will never become a success no matter how well and for how long the Marketing is done for it.Trust is a very scarce commodity in the market today and this can become the foundation of your product or brand. 

With every purchase and the maintaining of the trust of the customers, we are making them the Brand Ambassadors of our Brands and products. They become our Marketing channels and will drive sales through them.

Some other components of Marketing are Advertisements, Copywriting and Sales.


The main aim of Marketing is to build a brand in the customers minds and make them associate with the brand making them the Brand Ambassadors.

With effective marketing of the brands, the customer starts associating the brand for the generic product - Xerox has become the verb for photocopying, Google for search engines, Vaseline for petroleum jelly. 

These are all examples for how effective marketing creates a deep and lasting effect in the customers minds. 

While building a brand we should concentrate our energies on being the No.1 and not just being the one. For this choose a category in which you have and niche and choosing the right category is half the success attained. 

Each category is bound to have competition in it. But you can still become successful by having a unique angle in the competitive category. Being unique and different with your branding will make you stand out and make customers notice your brand. If the category is already crowded, then you should try to become a leader in one of the subcategories. Find your niche in the subcategory and find your unique angle and become No.1. 

Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

With the world switching to the digital platform on all fronts, digital marketing is way forward. Yet there are some products for which the traditional marketing suits best considering the product value and the size of the target customer base. Digital market is yet to see its penetration into the tier two and tier three towns of the country. In such a case, traditional marketing still holds its fort as the best means of marketing. The reach traditional marketing has through TVCs and Printed media and also through radio is beyond compare with digital marketing in today'’ scenario. 

Considering the economy of our country, digital marketing is still in its nascent stage and India is yet to see the surge. The average age of the Indian population is 25 which makes India a very promising economy and this gives digital marketing a very bright future and the way forward. With the inroads of 4G and internet into smaller towns and villages, the customer base for digital marketing will only become larger and deeper. 


The Marketing Stages :

Deepak Kanakaraju of talks about the CATT Marketing Funnel. His Equation for creating wealth is 

Wealth = n ^ CATT 

Where n is the Niche, C is the Content, A is the attention of the customer, T is the trust and final T being the transaction

As discussed already, you need to first choose your niche and master it and be ready to market your niche with project and success results building trust that you are good in the niche.

Every marketing activity starts with delivering the content to the audience or the customers - whether its printed content or visual content of video content. It's the content which would give the first impression about the product to the customer. Lead magnets, live webinars, blogs, videos, etc can be used to create and drive content to the target customers.

With the right content and with the right mediums and tools, the content is driven to the customers to get their attention. Some of the tools that can be used to get the attention to the content are SEO, social media, paid ads and referrals.

By making the content reach the target audience and getting their attention to the content, you should build trust with your audience. 

Give them the trust that you are capable of solving their problem and the product is the solution that they are in need of. 

Once you build that trust with them, they go ahead and make the purchase by completing the Transaction. As long as the trust is maintained, they will be loyal to your brand and will even become your brand ambassadors.

Using the CATT Marketing Funnel, you can drive sales to your various niche and this can be a continual process.

Integrated Marketing

Any marketing activity should be an integration of all the different arms of marketing like - email marketing, content marketing, paid advertisements, SEO, SMM and sell and convert. Any of these tools individually may not give the kind of results which can be obtained when all these tools are put to use in an integrated way and used in unison.

Integrated Marketing is the key to a successful Marketing Activity

All these tools when combined and integrated would have a greater impact than any of them individually.

Personal Branding

The Customer feels more valued when they are communicated on a personal level by the head of the company rather than by being communicated by the brand. The very USB of Digital Marketing is personalised communication and marketing compared to Traditional marketing. The customer gets a feeling that he is having a one to one conversation with the head of the company and is being given personal and individual attention. This gives him a sense of importance. 

This way personal brand is built around the brand. And over a period of time the personal brand becomes more bigger than the brand itself and is more easily associated with by the customers. So much so that a personal brand can give rise to many brands from his / her influence. The personal brand becomes a brand ambassador for the companies that they run. They become the face of the company and the brand and people start to associate the same way with all the products associated with the personal brand of the person as they would feel associated with the person and their personal brand. 

To put it in a nutshell, we are all the time surrounded and influenced by marketing activities of the brand or of an individual.

Our decisions and choices are the net result of the influence of marketing on our minds.

It is with a proper integrated marketing of our niche that we can achieve our financial and social goals. In the process you even build a strong personal brand which you can capitalise on building many more brands around your personal brands and encash on it. 

To further understand and learn in detail about the various attributes and tools to make marketing successful and more impactful, log in to or continue reading the articles over the coming weeks.

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